Don’t be afraid to call the police, even if you’re not sure you should.

If you think you want to call the police, but you’re not sure because it’s a small crime/issue and you’re afraid the suspect will be gone by time the cops get there, here’s a strategy on how to talk to the police to stop them from coming if you decide you don’t really need them.

Two Magic Phrases

1. “I’d like to cancel a run.”

So you call the cops on a problem and then the aggressive panhandler, trespasser, drunk or whatever wanders off before the police arrive, you can call the police back (on the non-emergency line) and simply say, “I’d like to cancel a run, please.”

The police call-taker will ask you the location of the run and why you want to cancel.

Simply answer with the address you previously reported when you first called and explain why you no longer need the police. EG. “The guy wandered off. He’s not here anymore.”

They may still send an officer, but it’s most likely (if you’re a reasonable and calm caller) that they’ll happily cancel the run and save the officers from then unnecessary trip.

2. “I’d like to report a suspicious person.”

If you want to call the police but there’s not really been a crime (yet),it’s perfectly acceptable to call and report a suspicious person or vehicle.

Be prepared to say why you think what you’re reporting seems suspicious to you.

For example, you’ve never seen the car in the neighborhood before and it’s circled around three times. Or, there’s a guy sitting in the call watching kids in the park. Or whatever.

The cops can come out and check it out without you making some wild accusation about the person. You’re simply reporting what you see. See something, say something.

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