Do you have this privacy tripwire set?

As a private investigator, security guard or loss prevention officer you NEED to make sure that if the bad guys decide to come after you, or your family, that you have this “privacy trip-wire” in place and that you set it at your job interview!

Make sure you tell the interviewer the name you “go by” and, here’s the key, make it DIFFERENT from the one you use on a daily basis.

For example tell your new job you go by your middle name.

That means if your name is “John Paul Pope” and everybody you know calls you John, tell your new employer that you like to go by “Paul” (your middle name in this example).

What this does:

This means if you ever get a phone call, text, subpoena or any weird online contacts calling you “Paul” then you instantly know – this ain’t from family or friends! It’s 100% work related.

Why do this?

You do this because, in our world (security and investigations), not everyone you meet will be a reasonable, upright, taxpaying citizen! You will occasionally meet a person you doesn’t play by the rules we, as a decent, God fearing society have set-up.

That means, if they decide to stalk, track or harass you or your family you’ll have a better chance to know it’s coming if they set off your privacy trip-wire by calling you by your work name.

I’m just sayin’.

I would love to hear your thoughts on this.

Committed to your safety and success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator (Ret.) &
#1 Best Selling Author

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