Do Private Investigators wear disguises?

In this week’s video I share something that’s a little embarrassing. I do sometimes wear a disguise when I work as a private investigator or when serving process.

Why is that a little embarrassing to admit? Because most private detectives and process servers don’t do it and might think it’s a little silly… until they see my results!

Would you wear a disguise to solve a case? The key is knowing how to use this “tool” before you need to go into the real world and use it on a surveillance or pretext!

Learn these skills with The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide Series.

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Larry Kaye,
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4 thoughts on “Do Private Investigators wear disguises?

    • Mike,

      I’m not sure how much directly applies to Canada. I’ve sold some training courses in Canada and people seem to like them.

      Some of the sources I teach may be different up there for skip tracing and I’m not sure how process serving works in Canada. I know many of the sneaky pretexts I teach for process serving do work there, but some of the details of who can serve process and how to get work may be different. I would estimate 80%, or maybe a bit more, would apply.

      If you find my online videos teach things that work in your country, then I think you would get value from my training courses.

      The only DVD training course I can definitely say would be 100% worthwhile in Canada would be The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance. That is a pretty universal skill.

      I hope that’s helpful!


      P.S. – Of course, my no-questions-asked satisfaction guarantee still applies! So if you try a course or two and decide they’re not right for you, simply send them back for a full refund.

  1. Hey Larry…..I really enjoyed the video on disguises! I have liked all of your videos that I have watched so far! Thank you for posting these videos!

    Keep up the great work!


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