“Do I need a license to be a Private Investigator?”

Do you need a license to be a private investigator? And you may think you know the answer to this, but I’m going to explain in a little bit of detail here some things that may actually be a bit of a surprise to you.

The short answer is yes and no.

There’s two basic factors that you have to take into consideration when figuring this out.

First is location.

Some places require you to have a license; some places do not. If you’re in the US, look at your specific state and see if they have a licensing requirement.

Warning: Even if the state doesn’t have a licensing requirement… maybe the county has a licensing requirement. And in that case, you will need a P.I. license.

Secondly, who are you working for?

There are contract Private Investigators, these are the people who have a license, who run a business, who have a detective agency. They work for companies and individuals who contract with the detective agency to have them work a case. Then there are proprietary Investigators who are what you might call “in-house” Investigators. And these proprietary or in-house investigators frequently do not have to have a license!

Many, many businesses have a fraud division or an investigative division folded in to them somewhere. Those are the “in house” or proprietary investigators. And, for the most part, these men and women do not need to have a Private Investigator’s license.

This is great news for you because you can get experience working for one of these company’s in-house or proprietary investigative divisions!

You see, it’s the company’s sole discretion who they hire, what their background is, what their experience requirements are. Some companies are mostly looking for integrity.

That’s a key thing they want – honesty, integrity.

A company can train you if you have the slightest aptitude, the slightest interest. They can train you in what to do. They’re looking for people with integrity and if that’s you, if you’ve got the right moral fiber, if you’re clean and honest and on time, if you don’t lie to your employer, then that’s very good news if you want to get into this business because there are so many places that are looking to hire in-house investigators!

Of course, I have all kinds of training materials but, probably my favorite one, especially for people who are banging their heads against the wall, trying to get into the business, is The Investigators Ultimate Guide to Process Serving.

Serving Process straddles the fence between the contract and the proprietary work. And that’s good, good news for you because you can become a process server very quickly, very easily, and be doing investigative work right away!

That means you don’t necessarily need to get hired by a company and be an in-house investigator. As a Process Server you will be hired by law firms. So you approach law firms, and I teach you how in the guide – what to say, what to do – the whole nine yards and that’s where you get your start!

This gets you into the business quickly without having to have a private investigators license. And that’s very, very valuable.

Check it out (including the complete, satisfaction guarantee!) at ShadowAnyone.com/ps

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