Dark Web vs Deep Web for Private Investigators.

This week I answer, “What is the dark web” and “What is the deep web”.

They are two different things so when you hear the terms being casually tossed around online, don’t confuse what so-o-o-o many uninformed people say with the truth.

The Deep Web

The deep web is all the information not indexed by search engines.

For example, your county courthouse has a website online.

When you use a search engine and type “Leon County Court Florida”, the search engine will offer a ton of results including the actual Clerk of Courts website. But… that’s where the search engine stops and the Deep Web begins.

On the Leon County Clerk’s website you’ll find a “Search Court Records” button. That button will lead you to the deep web information on that website.

When you search their records, you are searching the deep web information. And (don’t miss this!)… THAT is where all the really good stuff is!

The deep web is where you will find criminal histories, bankruptcies, divorce records and a ton more.

The Deep Web is extremely helpful to Private Investigators. You really need to be using deep web searches.

The Dark Web

The dark web is accessible with specialized software and it contains mostly illegal content.

On the dark web one can buy guns, drugs, pirated videos and pornography that will destroy your life (as well as the life of the person on display).

NB: It’s well established all pornography is harmful, but the dark web’s pornography is also largely illegal.

There is no legit reason to be on the dark web as a P.I.

You may say you need to “research” or that you’re looking for compromised account information for a client, but there are open web sources and researchers who make that information freely, easily and safely available with out you having to access the dark web. Period.

Spiritual Note: God seeks not just your salvation, but also your sanctification. Stay pure and grow in holiness.

Remember to use and all sources and methods, legally and ethically!

As I say every week… Do the right thing even if it’s the hard thing!

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