CSI on TV vs Real World P.I.’s

When clients come to you as a Private Investigator they have expectations and many times those expectations are based solely on what they’ve seen on TV. shows like CSI (Crime Scene Investigation) and their super cool, cyber specialist who can instantly find all sorts of information from ATM’s, traffic cameras, cell towers and more. But…

As professional investigators in the real world, we know it ain’t like that.

Sure, all that information is out there. It may only be available to law enforcement when they have a subpoena, but it’s out there.

For those of us working in the private sector, our resources are much more limited, but we have one advantage they don’t. We take the time to dig DEEPLY into information they can’t get sitting at a computer!

For example, CSI would have you believe all court documents like restraining orders and search warrant applications are scanned by the court and available online. They are not. They. Are. Not.

However, they are (usually) public record! That means, if you go down to the courthouse you can look through the file!

Of course a lot of times you can make a written request for, say jail records and many times the Sheriff’s Office will mail or email the records to you. But, you can clearly see, it ain’t like on CSI!

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