Crack a phone number with this pretext plus a tip.

So you have an unlisted phone number and you need to turn it into an address.

You have a lot of choices. In fact…

It kinda’ cracks me up, but I have a booklet I used to sell that got banned from a large internet sales site. The booklet teaches legal and easy ways (without using any pretexts) to “crack” a phone number. I don’t really sell that little booklet any more, but this week I want to give you an idea for a pretext and, more importantly, a big picture idea on pretexts in general.

When you are using a pretext, if you can, try to pretend that you are far away from your skip. Call them acting as if you are out of town or even out of state.

The perceived distance makes the subject feel safer and they tend to drop their guard and give you the information you need.

In this pretext I say the subject has distant relatives in history who’s land was “improperly confiscated” and the subject / skip may be due some money or other benefit.

Remember: Always keep it legal!

I have an entire section in The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Process Serving on pretexting and what make a pretext work. Really good stuff. Check it out.

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