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This week I have a tip of special interest to my brothers and sisters who work as security guards about when a person breaks into a car, but it’s not to steal things and it’s not even to steal a car!

If you work for a car lot for any length of time, you’re probably going to find this…

I see this with homeless men who break into cars. It’s not to steal the car. It’s not to steal anything in the car, but it’s just to have a place to sleep, to get them out of the weather – the snow or the rain – or even just to have a softer place to lay down.

What you’re really going to see, is a guy going through a car lot, tugging on car doors to see if the door is unlocked and opens.

They’re not even really “breaking in.” They’re not busting out windows or anything like that.

I’m not excusing it. I’m not saying you should let that go. Just recognize it for what it is.

Of course, trying car doors is something you’ll also see from thieves.

Mostly, you’ll see that in neighborhoods. It’s usually younger people going around trying different car doors.

When I started out working canine patrol for private security, I could drive through a neighborhood and would find, in the middle of the night, a car with the dome light on. What that almost always meant was that someone had tried the car door, found it open, stolen the change out of the ashtray in the car, and instead of slamming the door and risking waking somebody up, they pushed it shut and walked away, but didn’t realize the dome light was still on because the door was slightly ajar.

Bonus Tip

I will give you a bonus hint if you come across something like that. Where you see one car like that, there are others. If you find that one car that’s been broken into in that way, check the cars around it. There are probably others that have been broken into as well.

I teach more about that in my post on The Rule of Plus One.

In the meantime, this is Larry Kaye reminding you to do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing.

Committed to your success and safety,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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