Being a Christian private investigator.

I got a question the other day from a Christian private investigator explaining that he was having trouble turning a profit because he has kind of a soft touch for people in trouble and especially his fellow Christians.

Full Disclosure: If you’ve followed me for any length of time or seen my “About Larry” page, you know I’m a Christian myself and consider myself a Child of God before all else.

So here’s the problem…

Getting clients is the single hardest part of this or any business. It takes time and a plan. (IE. effective and affordable lead generation). Then you have to charge enough to turn a profit! So what does this mean for a Christian business owner? Simply this…

You are obligated to server your clients well.

You can charge what your service is worth. It’s not “cheating” someone to charge them a fair day’s wages for a fair day’s work!

Should you offer discounts to a fellow Christian?

A fellow Christian doesn’t necessarily get a discount. What they get is the confidence that you will not cheat them, you will do the job well and that they can trust you.

Real Word Example:

I buy my cheap, used cars from a genuinely Christian dealership. I don’t get a discount, but I know I can trust that he’s not hiding defects or problems from me. No one can ask for more than that and I’m actually grateful to him every time I buy a car (even at full price)!

Your (reasonable) clients will feel the same toward you even when you charge them full price.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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