Bad Laws and Private Investigators.

Bad laws are passed so a person or group can gain some kind of advantage or protection. Unfortunately, even the most well intentioned legislation can have consequence the authors of the law never intended.

The example I give in this week’s video is a proposed law to outlaw any thing that blocks R.F.I.D. readers. The intention was to outlaw “booster bags” that shoplifters use to bypass the electronic anti-theft technologies retailers use. However…

The unintended consequence is it would also outlaw wallets that protect your credit card from being read remotely while still in your wallet by thieves and other bad guys.

HUGE TIP: Look for laws that already exist to charge criminals rather than making unnecessary laws. For example…

Rather then a new law that outlaws anti RFID bags, use the law in your state that covers “possession of criminal tools”.

So don’t write and pass some stupid law that outlaws bolt cutters, simply charge the guy cutting locks off gym lockers with theft and P.C.T. (possession of criminal tools)!

Let me know if you have any questions!

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Larry Kaye, P.I.

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