Backwards Body Armor. Really?

We all make mistakes sometimes so I couldn’t get too bent out of shape when I recently learned some of my brother and sister First Defenders (and even some cops) are making the mistake of wearing their body armor backwards!

I guess it’s better than not wearing any ballistic protection, but come on… the front panel has a little “v”-like notch.

If you put on your vest and it goes straight across from collar bone to collar bone without the little dip-down part… then you got it on backwards!

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Okay, I just can’t resist…

I got this comment about the video I posted on wearing body armor backwards:

“It’s 2019, who still aims for mass before face in a time with 99% accurate red dots on carbines and hand guns? Every range I hit up it’s all head shots all the time. Check out gun fight videos on YouTube, training has changed. I was trained with the knowledge that I stood a 67% chance of taking at least one round in any gun fight. That vest you have on is probably a level 2 and will only stop a 9mm or smaller round. Best solution, avoid any and all confrontations. There is no reset button on life, why blow it away for a paycheck? I love my desk job.”

My thoughts…

He ask, “Who still aims for (body) mass”? My answer… Pros! Plus, plenty of street hoods and untrained, shaky others squeeze off rounds everyday. Wear your vest.

He ask what good is lower rated body armor. My answer… Better than nothing! I was trained anything that can slow down a round before it hits you is helpful. That’s why you seek cover even if it will “only” stop handgun rounds.

He says, “There is no reset button on life”. My answer… I suspect I know that better than him.

He says, “Avoid any and all confrontations”. My answer… Who has that luxury? If you do it’s probably because someone else is willing to step-up and deal with it for you.

He ask, “Why blow (your life) away for a paycheck?” My answer… I don’t risk my life lightly and when I do it’s for a higher purpose than a paycheck. I understand the desire to sit safely at a desk job, but anyone who’s “been-there-and-done-that” to help others probably understands the immortal worlds of Judge Smails…
Judges Smails says The world needs ditch diggers and I guess First Defenders and First Responders kinda get it - to everyone else - Your Welcome

Your welcome.


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