Are there any long lasting P.I. skills and the truth about “Game Changers”.

Are there any skill sets you can learn as a private investigator that won’t be out of date a year from now? Yes!

The fundamentals will always be necessary and especially surveillance!

A tracking device will only tell you where the vehicle went. It will not tell you if any passengers were picked up or where the person went after getting out of the car. Heck, it won’t even tell you who was driving!

Only a person (detective!) doing physical surveillance can learn this information.

That’s one really good reason why learning how to do surveillance (and do it well!) is a money maker!

If anyone tells you, “It’s all in the databases” or “You can learn it all online”, they are full of it!

Learn surveillance and take your marketable investigative skill sets to the next level.

In this video I also explain why few things are truly “game changers”. I use the 1966 US Supreme Court decision of Miranda v. Arizona as an example.

Committed to your success as a Private Investigator,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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