An Interesting Thing.

While we were filming, I noticed an interesting thing…

The film crew are experts at what they do, but none of them knew the first thing about being a private detective, skiptracing or surveillance.

That means every time I would teach a surveillance trick, they would all go, “Whoa. That’s pretty cool”!

After all the years I’ve been doing this, I guess it’s just kinda’ easy to forget how cool this really is to outsiders.

But this is great news for you because it tells me that in the editing process these guys are going to make sure not a single nugget of gold is cut-out or lost.

I’ll keep you up-to-date on how it’s going and let you know when the final project is ready for sale.

Until then, I’ll start posting some of the tricks right here on this blog so BOOKMARK this site and check back soon.

P.S. – Feel free to post a reply asking any question you’d like to see addressed in the new Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance training set.

I might even be able to answer some of your questions right here!

2 thoughts on “An Interesting Thing.

    • Okay, here’s the thing no private detective will ever admit to….

      While it depends on the type of surveillance and location, many times when you’re doing surveillance, you wear… swim trunks.

      If you’re in the back of a van doing surveillance on a hot day (or even a mild day!) the inside of your vehicle will get hot like an oven.

      There are some ways to deal with this, but you may very well find yourself stripping down to swim trunks and a tee-shirt (that you’ve worn under your street clothes).

      Now, think about the option… if you didn’t wear a swim suit and you have to cool down because you can’t leave your surveillance, then the only other option is to strip down to your underwear. Try explaining THAT to the cops if they show up!

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