An Easy Lead Magnet for Private Investigators

A “lead magnet” is a free resource you offer to potential customers or clients I exchanged for their contact information – usually their email address so you have a new potential lead to follow-up with to promote your service (which, ideally, is the solution to their problem).

You can create your own lead magnet by simply writing a Special Report that helps you potential clients in some way, but if you find that difficult there are other solutions.

One thing you can try is to hire a writer to create it for you. I find two problems to this solution. First, it’s kind of expensive. The “cheap” people do a horrible job so you’ve got to go with a more expensive writer.

The second problem may not be unique to Private Investigators, but it’s a big deal. That is it’s really, really hard for someone who’s not an expert in our industry to create anything that’s truly helpful!

The Solution

My solution for you is that I’ve created a lead magnet for you and while it retails for $97 (and that’s a deal!), you can get it as one of the free bonuses when you purchase my DEEPLY DISCOUNTED online course The Missing Manual: Smarter Selling for Private Investigators!

My “Missing Manual” isn’t really a “manual”. Better than just a manual, it’s a course with a lot of the tools you need for crafting great sales letters with killer headlines.

Check it out at

If you have any questions let me know.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator
& Best Selling Author

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