Adversity is Your Advantage as a Private Investigator.

If the thing you’re trying to do is easy, someone else would have already done it! So be glad it’s hard!

A few weeks ago I posted an article on how to find where someone works. In our business we say “Place of Employment” and abbreviate it as POE. That’s one of those things that’s a little harder to find, but be glad it is! Otherwise your potential client would have found it on his own and not hired you!

So let’s look at other things a client might ask you for as a P.I. and explore a source for each.

Name Changes

Finding the new name on a woman you’re skip tracing can be tricky, but it’s actually not to hard if you know how.

Let me suggest checking the obituaries. Your skip may have had a parent or grand parent die and, if it happened after her name change, the obit will list both her maiden and married names!

Unlisted Phone Numbers

To find a cell phone number (or any unlisted phone number), try looking at a police report the person filed. Frequently you’ll find their phone number!

Of course there are a TON of ways to find these missing pieces of information, but these simple (and cheap!) methods are a pretty good start. Let them be the beginning of brainstorming other sources.

When I started in this business, I literally had a notebook and kept a page for each type of information (phone number, name changes, address history, etc.). On the page I would place the title (EG. Phone Number) at the top and every time I would find a source to get that info, I would list it on the page.

Over time, I knew these sources by heart and the notebook became unneeded. Honestly, this stuff becomes so second nature it’s no harder than breathing. But, when you’re starting out, feel free to use my “Notebook Method”.

Private Investigator Notebook

A photo of my original “sources and methods” private investigator notebook.

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