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Larry goofing off with the kids on Christmas Day.                                             

Larry goofing off with the grandkids on Christmas Day.

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…..Larry Kaye is “Mr. Been-There-Done-That”. He’s a results-based security and investigation consultant, excellent trainer, semi-retired Private Investigator, #1 Best Selling Author, frankly-awesome skip tracer, strangely good listener, blogger and all around nice guy who knows some scary things.

….. Larry is the creator of The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide Series.  The series is premium Private Investigator training from someone who’s been there and done that.

….. On this site he shares all sorts of tips and tricks on how to ethically conduct investigations under even the most severe circumstances.

….. Larry blogs with too little self-consciousness on things that matter to him and occasionally goes completely off the deep end.

….. Plus he’s a total Jesus Freak, so he’s always got that going for him.

Recent Posts

What Private Investigators know about being a victim.

Anyone who is or could become a victim needs to understand that sometimes no one is coming to help you or to put it another way, abandon the victim mentality because you are your own best advocate.

In this week’s private investigator training video I share a clip from my skip tracing course.

In this example the victim of a hit-skip auto accident got out of his car and began chasing on foot the fleeing driver who was trying to get away in his car!

This happened in the real world and in the real world we know this would never work… except it did!

A police officer, “…saw the driver of unit #2 (the victim) chasing his on foot and screaming…”

Then hit-skip driver was caught by the officer. Wow!

You can say, “Never in a million years!”, but with happened. Why? Because the victim became his own best advocate.

Of course, if you need to hire a professional private investigator, make sure you hire one who is licensed and fully insured.

I hope you find this information valuable!

Committed to your success and safety,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator &
#1 Best Selling Author

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