A warning about B.O.L.O.’s

This week I explain why you always need to take a BOLO with a grain of salt.

What is a BOLO?

B.O.L.O is an acronym for “Be on The Lookout”.

You will hear it used like this… “We have a BOLO for a 60 something white male with glasses, driving a White Chevy four door who threatened violence against a female employee. If you see him call 911 and then the Security Manager.”

Now, here’s the warning I have for you about BOLO’s…

Many times when a BOLO is put out, some piece of information in it is wrong! Especially in the heat of the moment or if the event is still unfolding.

For example: Right after a robbery, the police may put out a BOLO for a black male teen in a back hoodie last seen running northbound from the scene.

However… the witness only saw him from the rear and didn’t see the front of the hoodie had a large yellow graphic on it! If you are too zoned in looking for a “Black” hoodie, you might miss the guy if he walked right by you!

I give other examples in the video including a real-world case study.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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