A phone trick to get more cases as a Private Investigator.

You can legally steal business from the big P.I. companies simply by the way you answer your phone and this week’s premium Private Investigator training from someone who’s been there and done that explains exactly how!

What’s the very first thing you say when you call another private investigator?

It’s something like this…

“Hi, This is Larry Kaye. I’m a licensed Private Investigator…”.

Why do you do that?

It’s because you know from your own personal experience that a lot of calls you get as a P.I. are price shoppers, job applicants or other “time wasters” and (Here’s the important part!) you want to be taken seriously!

What you’re really saying in those first few moments is, “Take me seriously.”

Here’s the trick.

When you answer your phone, take the caller seriously. Really listen.

Why does this work?

Because no other P.I. in your area is taking their call seriously. The “big” detective agencies in your area are “too busty” to mess around with every single caller. Don’t make that mistake!

There are diamonds in the dirt!

There are some really good clients with well paying case that are being blown-off by other P.I.’s! You can be the professional investigator to get those cases!

I hope you find valuable this premium P.I. training from someone who’s been there and done that.

Committed to your success and safety,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator &
#1 Best Selling Author

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