A Loss Prevention Dirty Trick

For my brothers and sisters working as loss prevention officers, allow me to share with you this retail loss prevention tip for catching a shoplifter or at least gathering enough information for a future prosecution and (at the very least) making the theft cost them more than they got!

The Trick

The key here is to think about what’s most important to the shoplifter and denying them that in a safe, legal and ethical manner.

In this weeks training we see two thieves, who commit strong-arm robbery by using force to steal items, but when they are approached by loss prevention, it became clear to them the number one thing they want is to get away, but then… their attention tuns directly to recovering their purse.

Only then do they resume the theft/robbery.

What to Consider

So… what if the Loss Prevention Officer had done nothing more than hang onto the purse?

1. It could have escalated the violence.

That means being prepared for that and deciding if it’s worth hanging onto the evidence.

2. The thieves would have been delayed trying to recover the purse allowing more time for the police to arrive.

3. The would have lost their purse and with it surrendered their identities.

4. If their phone was in the purse, well… the theft to gain a few hundred dollars in merchandise (fenced at 50 cents on the dollar – at most!) they would have “paid” a few hundred dollars in “phone” rather than cash.

Just food for thought from someone whose been there and done that.

Of course, don’t forget, you don’t have to approach them at all. It may be hard to let them go, but you must weigh the cost to you, the store, the employees and customers before you proceed. Just sayin’.

Maybe you just pull out your phone and you call the cops.

And always remember: Do the right thing even if its the hard thing.

Committed to your success and safety,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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