A Busy Phone Number Pretext Win.

Private Investigators, process servers, fugitive recovery agents and even process servers sometimes use pretexts (posing as someone you’re not) to gain information we need to complete a case assigned to us by our employer or client.

This week I teach you the value of a phone number that always rings busy and how you can use that to make you pretext more solid!

The Reality

Maybe you just don’t want to do pretexts.

Or maybe your employer or client prohibits the use of pretext.

Then what do you do?

Here’s the answer…

You need to use alternate sources and methods to get the information you (your client!) needs.

One alternative source that may get you the information you need is OSINT and specifically Public Records.

I do have my Public Records Mini-Course at and I’m just so tickled with the course because public records made me so much money and gotten me so much information where other investigators hit a dead-end!

As always, keep it legal and ethical.

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Larry Kaye,
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