A Basic Mistake in Auto Accident Investigations.

In this free auto accident investigation training video, I provide a clip from my complete online course to help you avoid making this major error that may appear ridiculous when you learn that it occurs, but it’s actually very easy to make!

When working on a traffic accident case as a professional investigator, you must be careful to verify you’re at the correct location! the actual scene of the traffic crash!

Why is this so difficult? Because not every accident takes place in an easily identifiable location like an intersection. Consider the countless car accidents that occur on stretches of freeway when there isn’t a visible landmark to serve as a site marker!

And if you’re not taking on motor vehicle accident investigations, you ARE missing out because of these 3 reasons:

Auto accident investigations have…

1. Great, Repeat Clients.

2. Clients who WANT to hire you!

3. Clients who already have a budget to hire you! (No price resistance!)


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