6 Ways to Find Place of Employment (POE).

Finding place of employment (POE) is one of the most challenging things a private investigator is asked to discover because there’s no centralized database and that means the PI has to use good investigative skills and some P.I.’s struggle with that in this age of computer and online detectives!

I could tell you everything I know about finding POE and it would all come down to this…

It takes good investigative skills!

Of course, there are some tips and tricks that will help you so let me share some of them with you here.

Where to find place of employment…

1. Social Media

Of course! This is a no-brainer! And that means few clients are going to hire you when it’s just that easy.

2. Divorce Records

This is especially true when children are involved in the divorce because parents go back to court for “modification of child support” when job status changes and that keeps the file pretty up-to-date with a current employer.

3. Previous Employer Info

If you can find (or the client can tell you) a previous employer, that may lead you to the current employer through…

Interviewing the previous employer.
Pretexting the previous employer.
Through licensing for that industry. (Don’t miss this one listed below!)

4. Licensing

If you know the type of work your subject does (or has done), check to see if it requires a license or registration with a government agency. If so, search for the subject by name in the licensing records to find the employer who currently has them registered!

INSIDER TIP: Some “jobs” don’t require a license, but something they “do” on that job does require a license. For example: A Dental Assistant may not be required to to have a license, but if she works the x-ray machine she may need a radiology license.

5. Pretexting

Pretext may work on previous employers (and co-workers), family, friends, neighbors or even the subject himself!

6. Surveillance

To me this is the last resort for finding POE, but frequently it works.

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