6 Tips for finding a homeless person.

Since, as a private investigator or process server, you may have to locate a homeless man, let me share with you 6 ideas on how to find a homeless person or how to skip trace a homeless person.

NB: Many homeless people are women and children and I would argue they have it much harder than homeless men.

How to skip trace a homeless man.

Many homeless people are women and children and may not look like our traditional image of a homeless person.

Types of homeless people…

1. Living indoors, but in a temporary rental room.

Examples include: hotel/motel, “flop houses”, Y.M.C.A.

2. Crashing with a friend.

Someone may consider themselves homeless even if they’ve been living on a friend’s couch for six months!

3. Living with parents.

We may not think of “homeless” this way, but… an adult child may consider himself homeless if he’s living in his mom’s basement.

4. living on the streets.

Finally, what most people think of as “homeless”, the person living on a bus bench, in a park or under an expressway ramp.

Six ways to locate a homeless skip…

1. Start with your databases, just like most other skips.

Honestly, you’re not going to find a current address there, but you will find leads including last known address (LKA) and family members.

2. Don’t forget obituaries.

This is a great place to find the names of family who may be able to help you.

3. Homeless people have habits and routines too!

They have places they prefer to stay, corners they prefer to panhandle, places they like to hang out during the day, shops they frequent (cigarettes, etc.).

4. Use law enforcement sources.

Police reports (suspects and victim – don’t miss that tip!), police runs (check by address!), check with your skip’s parole or probation officer.

: Check to see if your skip is a registered sex offender. Because of legal restrictions on where these offenders may live, many find themselves homeless. That means you may find (at least a temporary) address where they are “registered”.

5. Court Records

Check criminal and civil courts! Homeless people get sued too!

6. Get out of your office!

Here are some people you can talk to who may be able to point you in the right direction, even if they don’t know your particular skip…

Cops. The local police will know where all the homeless camps are. And other places the homeless may be staying or hanging out during the day.

Charities. They may be able to share with you similar information.

Other homeless people. Of course, this can be some of the more dangerous interviews you may do – not because the person you’re talking to may hurt you (although they might), but because you may find yourself in some more dangerous and isolated places. Use common sense and be careful!

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