6 Catfishing Phrases Every Private Investigator Should Know.

This week I pull real life examples of catfishing straight from my case files as a private investigator and share with you six catfishing phrases to instantly spot a scammer!

What is catfishing?

Catfishing is someone online posing as a person they are not and hoping to lure a victim into a “relationship” then using that connection to scam the victim out of money. Both Men and Women can be catfishers.

Here are the 6 phrases catfishers uses:

1. “I would leave my abusive husband in a second, but I can’t afford the divorce.”

2. “Thank you for sending the money to leave him, but he found it and took it from me.”

3. “I want to come visit you, but I can’t afford it.”

4. “I would come visit you, but all my money is tied up in a business investment.”

5. “I have a chance to make a ton of money, but I need $10,000 to re-carpet the hotel I’m flipping.”

6. “Thank you for the money, but the contractor ran off with it and now the client is threatening to put me in jail if I don’t finish the job!”

If you hear any one of these phrases from someone online, they are trying to scam you. It’s a rip-off.

I hope learning this is helpful for you.

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