5 tips for when you can’t help your client as a Private Investigator.

1. Don’t take their money.

If you know you can’t help them, don’t take a “retainer” to “see what you can do”.

2. Offer a referral to a detective agency that can help them.

Maybe you don’t really do what they need, but another detective agency specializes in that area (EG. surveillance, skip tracing, infidelity cases, etc.). If that’s the case, refer them to that other agency.

3. Tell the truth.

Don’t let them hire you for a surveillance when they really need a skip trace.

4. Suggest they hire an attorney to find out what they really need, then call you back.

If the attorney needs information you can get, work for the attorney. The nice thing about this is you may pick up a law firm as a long term client!

5. Remain honorable.

Do not break the law. If you can’t help your potential client within the bounds of what’s legal, then don’t take them on as a client.

Bonus Tip… Pray for them.

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