5 Tactics when the police “hide” public records from you.

Learning the sources and methods for gaining access to public records (FOIA information) that other private investigators – and especially private citizens – don’t know can easily make the difference between a successful solve of a case or a fail that leaves your client disappointed and looking for a new P.I.!

In this weeks professional investigator OSINT training video I teach 5 tactics that you can use if you believe the police are “hiding” public records from you.

The Truth

The police aren’t really “hiding” public records when you make a request. However…

If they don’t want you to know something (and THAT does happen), they will answer your FOIA request VERY narrowly.

For example, if you make a public records request for 911 calls from a phone number, the police may legitimately answer your request with “No information found” even when they know you really want any 911 calls from a specific business. They may know a call was made, but not from the specific number you requested.

Tactic #1 Other Numbers

When looking for a 911 call, don’t limit your search just to the phone you know the victim has. Look for calls from other numbers as well like the building’s security department calling or the receptionist’s desk.

Tactic #2 Turn It Around

Request all 911 calls from the address rather than just specific phone numbers within the address.

Tactic #3 Non-Emergency Calls

The call you may be looking for may have been made to the police departments non-emerge number rather than 911. This is common for security guards who deal with the police regularly. They tend to call the non-emergency number (sometimes called the radio room) instead of 911 for smaller issues.

Tactic #4 Alternate Sources

If you think they are deliberately lying to you about having no 911 calls (and they probably aren’t), but if you think they are, then request all “police runs” to that address for the date you’re interested in. These are the records of police officers being dispatched to the address and not just calls into the dispatch center.

Tactic #5 Radio Traffic

Make a public records request for a copy of the police departments radio traffic for the date and time you’re interested in. Then listen to it and see if you can hear officers being dispatch to the address.

BONUS Tactic Broadcastify

If you have a premium membership to Broadcastify.com (and it’s super-affordable) you have access to their extensive scanner traffic archives.

Find the police radio traffic for the date and time your interested in and listen for officers being dispatched to the incident.

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t be a follower. Be a student! Study my ideas. Study other experts’ ideas and make a decision for yourself! Don’t just follow anyone’s advice blindly!

In the meantime, this is Larry Kaye reminding you to do the right thing, even if it’s the hard thing.

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