5 Private Investigator Business Mistakes I made my first year and 1 Thing I Did Right!

5 Private Investigator Business Mistakes

My first year as a private investigator I opened my own detective agency and immediately made five big business mistakes.

1. I quit my day job too soon.

2. I bought too much stuff.

I mean, call it gear or equipment or whatever. But the toys… er… I mean “gear”… doesn’t make you a good private detective. Knowing how to do the job is what you need to know!

3. I didn’t seek law firms as potential clients.

4. I didn’t take criminal defense cases.

You can work these cases and still be a good human being and good investigator. There is no moral compromise in working criminal defense cases.

5. I didn’t have enough capital.


What I did right… I “marketed” my business well.

I sought clients everyday. Everyday!

I highly encourage you to watch my video on Private Investigator Business Mistakes to learn exactly what to avoid and how to market well.

Just some things to think about as you build and grow your detective agency.

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