5 hot weather surveillance tips.

The closest I ever came to dieing as a private investigator wasn’t a shoot-out with gang members in the hood or saving orphans from a burning building, but was from simply being stupid and getting severe heat exhaustion in a surveillance van.

So let my (horrible!) mistake be a teachable moment for you…

Here are 5 tips for hot weather surveillance.

1. Use “rain guards” on your surveillance vehicle.

Rain guards are plastic pieces that attach to your doors and flair out a bit allowing you to have the window rolled down about an inch with out rain coming into the vehicle, but they also allow you to have the windows open a bit when doing stationary surveillance.

This allow some of the oven-hot air to escape the vehicle.

I Like tinted rain guards so no one can even see that the windows are cracked open.

2. Wear your swim suite.

Wearing your swim suite under your street clothes allows you to get into position for your surveillance and, in the back of your van, strip down to your swim suite and a tee shirt helping you to stay cool.

This is especially helpful if you’re using a towel like I explain in a moment.

3. Use a small (quite!) battery powered fan.

The trick here is to get a really quit fan because if it’s even a little noisy you will be reluctant to use it and that’s the same as not having one at all.

Use the fan to blow air onto your face, neck and wrist to help cool you.

4. Have an ice chest.

Keep it full of ice and bottled water. I like to have icy watter in it as well so I can… well, follow tip 5!

5. Use a wet towel.

I like to keep a towel soaking in the cold water of the ice chest then to wrap it around my back and neck to cool off. I’ll also drape it over my head to keep cool. It makes all the difference in the world!

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