4 Handcuff tips from someone who’s been there and done that.

Handcuff rules for First Defenders

Four tips if you carry handcuffs.

1. Handcuffs are a temporary restraint.

Everyday someone escapes from handcuffs and it can have disastrous results.

2. It’s very difficult to handcuff a person who’s resisting.

Be prepared for whatever technique(s) you know to fail.

3. Carry a spare key.

4. Carry two pairs of handcuffs.

Commonly you will find yourself having to cuff a large / fat person and they simply cannot reach their hands far enough around their back to get cuffed. It that case, link two pairs of handcuffs together so they reach the subject’s wrist. (P.S. – My view is everyone gets cuffed behind their back – not in front.)

Even more commonly, I have found myself having to cuff more than one person at a time. When making an apprehension / arrest, don’t get caught with two detainees and only one pair of cuffs.

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