3 Reasons you should use written contracts with all of your clients as a professional investigator.

This week I answer a viewer’s email about using a contract with clients for private investigative services.

Yes! I always use written contracts with all my clients.

Here are three good reasons…

1. Many of your clients are in a fairly desperate state of mind by time they realize they need a private detective. So if the case doesn’t go their way (through no fault of yours!), they still may feel the need to lash out (blame!) someone for their troubles.

2. Your client probably already has an attorney and that makes it easier for them to choose to sue you (whether you messed up or not)!

3. Finally, your professional clients (EG. law firms, human resources departments, Worker’s Compensation companies, etc.) expect a professional investigator to be using contracts!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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