3 Pretext Nevers

As a private investigator, bounty hunter or “just” a professional skip tracer working for a company, you need to keep it legal and ethical so this week I’m sharing three things I never do while pretexting for information from a relative of the skip, his employer or any company that may have a lead for me!

This is not a legal thing… this is just some rules I have for myself. And obviously, this ain’t everything! (IE. You can never impersonate law enforcement, etc.)

Larry’s Three Nevers for Pretext

1. If a license is required.

I personally never pose as an occupation that requires a license.

I like to think this allows me a layer of protection from the accusation that I was somehow practicing ______________ without a license. (For example, medicine, law, etc.)

Of course the even more important thing is to not perform a pretext where you are actually practicing medicine, law or whatever!

2. I never pose as clergy.

I don’t want my skip, subject or bad guy to hesitate before going to clergy. I never want him to think he might get burned if he seeks help. I want him to turn his life around! So I never want to give a bad impression of clergy.

3. You can never do real harm.

Never do a pretext that actually causes your subject to lose money, a day of work or anything where he suffers a lose.


This is huge and super easy to miss…

Never do a pretext if your client prohibits it.

This can easy cost you a lucrative law firm client. If they say, “No pretext”, then don’t do it. Eventually, they’ll find out!

Always keep it legal and ethical!

WARNING: I hope this is obvious, but NEVER pose as a Law Enforcement Officer! It’s super creepy and usually a felony!

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Larry Kaye,
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