3 Good Reasons

This week’s Private Investigator training is about mobile surveillance and three good reasons not to follow your subject inside when they arrive at a destination.

1. Better video when they exit.

You will get much better video of them leaving if you remain outside and set up to film them as they leave the building.

Set your camera to get a good establishing shot to prove the location. That means video of any signage and the address if you can. Then pan back to just the doorway or wider area where you expect them too come out.

When they open the door to leave, you’ll be set to capture it on video.

And remember, sometimes you get better (more candid and even more intimate video) when they leave.

For example: They may walk out of a bar and begin kissing the woman they’re leaving with. Or Kiss her when they get to her car. That’s great footage especially considering they may not have felt that “free” to make-out in the bar!

2. It’s easier to follow your subject when they leave.

If you are already outside, in you vehicle and positioned to follow them, you will have a much easier time following them to their next destination.

If you’ve been inside with them, you have to time it just right to follow them out, get to you car and follow them and that is very, very tricky.

Of course the “easy” way isn’t always the “right” way to do something. You have to use your best judgment on these things!

IMPORTANT NOTE: Don’t be a follower. Be a student! Study my ideas. Study other experts’ ideas and make a decision for yourself! Don’t just follow anyone’s advice blindly!

3. Your client may not need or want inside video!

This is huge!

If your client doesn’t need video of the subject in a bar, but only of the subject going to a bar, then there’s no need to go inside and risk being burned.

If you client only needs video of the subject driving, then there’s probably no goo reason to follow them into a store. Just set up to follow them when they depart and you’ll get more video of them driving!

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