3 Examples of Pretexting In Real Life

Pretexting is posing as someone you’re not to gain access or information you normally wouldn’t be able to get. This is common for private investigators, process servers and penetration testers.

But here’s the HUGE difference between P.I.’s and “pen testers”: Pen testers have a “get out of jail free” card. Private Investigator’s don’t.

The get out of jail free card is an agreement singed by the client that says if the pen-tester is caught he or she has been authorized to make the penetration attempt and should not be criminally or civilly charged. P.I.’s don’t have that because the people/organizations we are pretexting have NOT given us permission to try to “breech” them.

As private investigators we have to keep our permissible deception (pretext) legal, ethical and authorized by our client, but if things go sideways, well, you better have a back-up plan. And a back-up plan to the back-up plan.

So this week’s training isn’t a deep dive into HOW to pretext. That’s a specialty. This week’s video training is just to share a few case studies where I have used pretexts to close cases including a fraud case, a child custody case and for serving process on a tricky gal.

So watch the training and pick up the tips I have for you, but don’t believe this is enough training for you to pretext correctly.

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