Jay Walking Tickets on Criminal History Reports: What They Really Mean!

When doing a criminal records search you’ll see some interesting things, but if you discover 5 or 6 jay walking tickets on the subject of your investigation here’s what that really means.

When the police chase a suspect and finally catch him or her, but they don’t want to file resisting arrest or fleeing charges, one of the easiest things is to write a jay walking ticket for each time the person ran across the street outside of a cross walk!

This is nice because it’s super easy to prove (especially today with police body cam video) and it’s punitive enough to (hopefully!) change the persons behavior the next time.

An added bonus is, if the person doesn’t pay the tickets, he or she may have a warrant issued for his or her arrest. That means the police have another tool to work with the next time they have probable cause that a crime has been committed and they suspect the subject!

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