How to crush it with New Years Resolutions TODAY!

There is no reason at all to wait until some imaginary date date like New Years Day to make and start your resolutions and this week I share with you my tricks to getting more done faster to get you to your goals!

Set Your Goals

You must have (must!) have written goals. Period.

I like the goal setting method taught by Jim Rohn. But you gotta set goals.

Then work on them a little every day.

Remember: Small Actions + Consistency +Time = Remarkable Results!

Start Now

If you start this quarter or December 1st rather than waiting for “New Years Day”, then you get a sort of warm-up period to test your resolutions.

That means if you miss a couple of days on your new habit, you didn’t blow it and yo can continue on guilt free!

When you get to January 1st and “officially” start your resolution, you will be better prepared to succeed because you know what works and what doesn’t for you. You get to “start” with a little experience under your belt!

Resolutions Require Resolve

Resolutions = Resolve.

Resolutions are not a “wish list” of things you’d like to have in your life. You must resolve to get them. The business. The “thing”. The habit. Determine the price you need to pay to get to your goal and resolve to pay it!


Habits will change your life!

We clearly see this with bad habits. If you eat a candy bar everyday “out of habit”, then you’re consuming an extra 350 calories each day for no good reason! What will that look like in 5 years?

On the other hand, good habits will make your life amazing!

What if you practiced the habit of writing 250 words each day (whether you feel like it or not). What does that look like in just 1 year? Over 91,000 words. That’s a book! You wrote a book! Great habit!

That one little habit of writing a small amount everyday make you an author! How would that feel? How much credibility in your business would you have if you were Jane Smith, P.I. and Author? That’s great for your business!

What would 10 push-up a day look like in a year? Most importantly, it make you the type of person who doses push-up! You BECOME your habits.


I started my New Years Resolutions at the beginning of the fourth quarter the previous year. Here’s what I discovered…

I set six goals for the new year (2020) and by starting October 1st, 2019 I am on track to hit 3 of my 6 goals BEFORE January 1st!

I’ve been-there-and-done-that and you can have the same results!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

Do you need 2 dash cams as a Private Investigator? Is it worth it?

As a private investigator doing mobile surveillance, do you need a forward and rear looking dash cam?

Is it worth it?

Great question from a viewer!

I would suggest you probably don’t need 2 dash cams.

But the real question is: Is it worth it?

Wow! That’s the question to ask about this and everything for your business!

Training Trumps Equipment. Period.

On surveillance you do need some gear, but probably not as much as you think. What you really need is to know how to do surveillance. Learn as much as you can for free here at, but when your ready, get my training course The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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How To Avoid Handcuff Escapes.

I share my personal knowledge and experience from over 20 years as a Private Investigator, Process Server, Loss Prevention Officer and Security Guard including reminding you not to handcuff your suspect with his hands in front or leave your suspect unattended because as this police car video shows your guy (or gal) could be gone in 60 seconds!

In fact, I have a several real-world case studies of suspects escaping handcuffs and it’s frequently women who seem to be flexible enough to slip their cuffs!

Check out my blog post on prisoner handcuff escapes.

And be sure to check out my handcuff training infographic.

If these thnigs intrest you, then don’t miss my Citizen’s Arrest Book.

I do get a bit of money when you buy that book. Heck, it’s my book after all so I think any reasonable person understands that, but the lawyers make me say it anyway. Go figure.

And always remember, whether you call in an arrest or an apprehension, always treat your subject with respect and human decency. Handle them with grace and professionalism! Be a Pro. Be a Class Act!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye,Private Investigator

Make your own luck as a Private Investigator or Process Server.

Richard Jewell Vigilant Security Guard
Photo: Vigilant Security Guard Richard Jewell

Use your sources and methods combined with “taking action” to create your own luck and solve the cases that stump other professional investigators!

Luck = Preparedness + Opportunity

And Opportunity is EVERYWHERE!

Okay, I don’t believe in “luck” so much as things happen and we act and react; hopefully to the advantage of us and others.

“Determine the price you need to pay for success and resolve to pay it.” – Brian Tracy

Here’s a real life example… Continue reading