How to think outside the box as a private investigator.

This week I give three real-world examples of solving problems in creative ways including two that apply directly to private investigators.

Example 1

A property owner had problems with his neighbor coming onto his property and hunting.

Even with “No Trespassing” and “No Hunting Signs”, the neighbor still hunted on the property!

So how would you solve this problem?

You could build a fence, but that’s expensive and time consuming. Plus, would it really keep the guy off your property or would he still find a way in?

Or you could wait out on the property every morning until you caught the guy trespassing, but that’s also time consuming and who want’s to wait around in the cold every morning? Plus would it really stop the guy from coming back another day?

Of course there are other expensive and troublesome ways to try and solve the problem. But here’s what the property owner did… Continue reading

New Trailer for Private Investigator Surveillance Course.

This week I want to share with you a new trailer for The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide to Surveillance.

I share this with you because I had to get a new batch of this DVD set and, of course I reviewed them to make sure they play properly. And even thought I shouldn’t be, I was pleasantly surprised by two things…

1. The video looks good!

I forgot how much work we put into making this video. I hired an actual professional videographer and we went out into the streets to get you the best video we could. Reviewing it I was reminded just how darn good the course looks!

I mean, let’s face it, I value content WAY over “pretty” video. My weekly videos online are proof of that! But this course combines the best content with good video!

2. The information is TOP NOTCH!

I tip everything! I didn’t keep back even one little secret for myself. I give you all the pros and cons of working surveillance and teach you exactly how to handle them.


What to do if you lose the subject.

How to handle police questions.

Marketing secrets!

And much, much more!

You can check out a whole list of content right here.

Enjoy the trailer and enjoy being the best surveillance investigator you can be!

Committed to your success in surveillance,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

P.S.- Don’t miss my special report, If You Want to be a Private Investigator Give Up… Unless you Do These Three Things. You can get it for free on the home page of my blog.

1 Embarrassing Body Armor Mistake and What It Can Cost You!

If you wear body armor regularly as a security guard or police officer, then you’re used to how it feels on you, but if you only wear it occasionally as a private investigator, process server or fugitive recovery agent, then this week’s video and blog article is for you.

First of all… Terminology:

When speaking with people outside our industry, the proper term used by us professionals is “body armor”. When speaking with a fellow insider you can simply say “vest”.

Never call it a “bulletproof vest”. Never.

Everyone who really does this stuff knows there is no such thing as a “bullet-proof”. Period.

Okay, so here’s the mistake you need to avoid… Continue reading