Interview vs interrogation for Private Investigators.

What’s the difference between an interview and an interrogation?

These are actually loaded words and they are often used interchangeably depending on the way the speaker wants to characterize the questioning.

An “interrogation” projects the image of yelling, threatening and banging fists on the table.

The term “interview” has a softer, gentler connotation.

I always conduct “interviews”. If you were a fly on the wall, heard a recording or watched a video of me interacting with someone, any reasonable person would call it an interview. This includes when I talk with witnesses, victims, suspects or anyone.

However… that’s because I’m not a police officer! And that’s an important distinction because cops are way more limited in what they can say or do before it really is an interrogation!

If a police officer conducted the exact same interview I conducted, using the sames words, tones, gestures, mannerisms and even with my exact same intention of being a super nice guy… well… then he would be conducting an interrogation.

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