Your private investigator business will change.

Your business will change and I want to talk to you about how to adapt to that change as a private investigator, process server or in any business!

A year from now or five years from now, your business will not be the same as it is now.

Investigations Using Social Media

Let me give you some real life examples in the private investigator industry. Continue reading

Moving forward with action. Right Now!

This week I want you to listen carefully to what I have to say because it’s all about success for you.

I want you to pick one thing that I talked about here and take action on it, because this is about success and taking action.

It’s easy and even enjoyable to read blogs and watch the videos online. We learn the new things and we’re tempted to say, “I know this new thing, I’m moving forward!” But taking action is really what moves us forward.

I almost bristled to even share that with you. It’s such trite thing that everyone says, “You should take action. You should move now. You should just do it.” But let me tell you, without the movement, you are not advancing!

The Challenge

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The proper order of your investigation.

Did you know the order in which you conduct the different steps of your investigation can determine your success or failure as a private investigator?

When you’re conducting an investigation (like a vehicular accident investigation), you may be brought in by either side (the plaintiff or the defendant) to determine the truth and the accuracy of what actually happened and maybe even the extent of the injuries to one of the parties.

If you do that in the wrong order, it can change everything. If you conduct your interviews and people know there’s a private detective investigating this, then the person who’s claiming injuries can make sure that they’re always displaying those injuries even if they’re fake!

Obviously, that can really affect your surveillance.

What you want to do is look at every investigation you do and make sure you perform it in the right order. Continue reading

Hired to follow a police officer.

This week I want to share with you a call you will get from a potential client, sooner or later, as a Private Investigator.

Remember, I’ve been-there-and-done-that. I made my full time living for nine years owning and running my own private detective agency and from that private investigator experience I take the things that I learned (first-hand!) and share him here with you every week. This is one of those things. Continue reading

Search as if you expect to find something.

When you’re searching for something I want you to search as if you expect to find it.

If you’re in Loss Prevention or Security work, you probably understand how this applies in the physical world. If you’re looking for a weapon, look as if you expect to find one. Don’t say “There’s probably nothing here. This is probably a ‘good enough’.” Search as if you expect to find a weapon.

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