What is a duress alarm?

What is a duress alarm?

A duress alarm (sometimes called a panic alarm) is a covert alarm that can be “sounded” in a way that the bad guy thinks everything is normal, but which alerts the security force or police department that there is a problem and specifically that a person is being forced to do something against their will.

For example, If a cashier is being forced to open the cash register for a robbery, there may be a button she pushes (or fails to push!) that will still open the cash drawer, but will also send an alarm to the loss prevention officer, alarm monitoring company or even the police department.

Other duress alarms can be super sneaky. For example… Continue reading

Bad Laws and Private Investigators.

Bad laws are passed so a person or group can gain some kind of advantage or protection. Unfortunately, even the most well intentioned legislation can have consequence the authors of the law never intended.

The example I give in this week’s video is a proposed law to outlaw any thing that blocks R.F.I.D. readers. The intention was to outlaw “booster bags” that shoplifters use to bypass the electronic anti-theft technologies retailers use. However… Continue reading

1 messed up marketing idea that actually works!

If you want the marketing for your private detective agency or process server business to jump to the next level, then I can teach you one counter intuitive (messed-up!) idea that will make your direct mail advertising / marketing far more effective.

Most prospective clients you send a letter to will not read most of the letter! (Think about it. Do you?!?)

However, there are three parts to a marketing letter that a huge 80% of people will read!

That means if you include just this one part that you are probably leaving out, you will make sure your message is actually getting READ by the person you want to work for! That means more cases for you and that means more money!

Here are the three parts… Continue reading

What is “sewer service”?

This week I caught a stupid cold, so I dug into my unpublished archive of videos and found this one from about two years ago where I teach about a real rip-off move some unethical process servers pull called “sewer service”.

Sewer service is where the process server will throw away the court papers and say that he served them properly to the person involved in the court case who was supposed to get them.

This is a straight-up scam! Do not ever do this! No matter how overwhelmed or hopeless you feel, do the right thing! Either serve the papers or make the number of attempts you say you’re going to make and report back to your client the truth!

Remember, do the right thing even if it’s the hard thing.

Let me know if you have any questions!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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