Vandalism Cases as a Private Investigator.

As a private investigator, you will eventually get a call from a victim of vandalism who wants you to do surveillance to catch the vandal if he returns the next night. The question is… should you o take that case?

The problem comes down to if the expense of a criminal investigation (which means, in this case, usually means surveillance) is worth the cost.

Usually in vandalism cases it’s not financially worth it because…

1. The odds of the vandal returning the next night are pretty slim.

2. The odds are that the amount of vandalism is far less then the cost of having an investigator out there doing surveillance.

The one exception I tend to see is… Continue reading

Tips for a robbery in progress while on surveillance.

As a private investigator, I have seen this twice while on surveillance and, in this week’s video, tell of a third time that involved a police S.W.A.T. Team who watched an armed robbery in progress.

Also, while I have written the book, How to Make a Citizen’s Arrest (by Larry Kaye), I highly recommend that you do not make an arrest in this circumstance. Paperback here on Amazon. eBook here on Amazon.

Here are a five indicator’s that a robbery is about to take place… Continue reading

How private investigators use alternate sources of information.


This week I discuss a case I worked where I hit a dead end when a small town chief of police blocked my access to public records and how I used the sheriff’s office to get what I needed to work my case.

The key is to think, “How else can I get this piece of information?”

Seemingly unrelated, but very important… HUGE TIP: There is no shame in keeping your day job while you get your private investigator business up and running!

Finally, If you watch all the way to the end of the video, you’ll see how the advice I give this week (and each week!) can help grow your private detective business!

Let me know if you have any questions!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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3 Success Tips for Your Private Investigator Business.

This week I discuss how to succeed in the private investigator business world.

Be sure to read all the way down to the warning I have for you later in this article!

1. Find a private investigator who is doing well in the business.

This means starting with the end in mind!

Once you know what a successful agency looks like, then you know the direction to head.

2. Model what that successful P.I. or detective agency is doing.

This should make sense to you. At it’s most basic level it’s like this… Continue reading