How to conduct a background check on a contractor before you hire him for home improvements.

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This week I share important information on how to avoid being ripped-off by doing a background check on the contractor you want to hire for home improvements.

In this week’s video I teach…

– The truth about the Better Business Bureau.

– The real place to run a check on a business!

– What to do when you find a problem company has changed it’s name.

3 things I make every contractor show me before I hire him!

For Contractors: A marketing tip on how you can place yourself above other contractors!

– And a BONUS TIP… The condition I place in every contract when I hire work to be done for me.

You can greatly increase your odds of getting a good contractor by conducting a basic background check on him before you hire him!

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye
Private Investigator

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Top 3 tips for when you’re in a fight as a private investigator, security guard or loss prevention officer.

This week I share with you my top three tips for when you’re in a fight.

Specifically, I’m talking to the good guys out there. I’m talking to private investigator’s process server security, a lost prevention officers, police officers when you find yourself on the street and in a fight. This is not necessarily for the average citizen on the street looking for self-defense moves or advice…. however, you might find some value to what you’re going to learn here.

A lot of times, for those of us who are the good guys (the “sheep dogs”), it’s not so much that we’re in a fight. It’s not even so much that we were attacked, although that does happen. But a lot of times we’re trying to make an apprehension, arrest or just hang on to somebody who has committed a crime. What I’m giving you here is a countdown of my top three tips for when you’re involved in a fight like that.

Number three in this countdown is… Continue reading

The top 3 hardest skips to locate.

This week, I’ve got a countdown for you of the top three hardest skips to find.

If you don’t know “skips” are people who have “skipped out” on an obligation. It’s where we get the term “skip tracing”. And we use the therm skip tracing even for people who haven’t truly skipped out. Maybe your looking for a long lost love or someone where the person really hasn’t “skipped out” but your client has just lost track of them. We still use that term “skip tracing”. But today I’m talking about people who are actually skipping out on an obligation.

Here is my countdown… Continue reading