What to do when a lie has the ring of truth to it.

What do you do when the lie you’re being told has a ring of truth to it?

The bottom line is when you have a statement that seems very credible, you’re going to have to dig to get additional information. That’s the key point there, get additional information.

Let me share with you two real-world case studies…

Background Check (Case Study #1)

The first case was a pre-employment screening. The employer had a candidate they liked and had even interviewed!

It was a good interview. He was very upfront with them and said, “When you run a background check, it’s going to come back with a conviction for assault. I’ve been a convicted of assault – that’s going to show up.”

He went on to explain… He was in a bar and a couple of guys begin to pick on a gay man in the bar. The job applicant said he stood up, got between the two guys and the gay man and ended up defending the gay man but getting into a physical fight.

The police arrived and he ended up getting charged with assault.

So here’s the situation you have, you’re going to have a conviction come up with the assault. Is the subject telling the truth or is he telling a lie? If he’s telling the truth, then he’s a victim of bad circumstance.

His story does have a ring of truth to it. To be honest with you, either you or I could find ourselves in the very same circumstance if we’re the type of people who step-up and protect victims. (And if you’re reading this, you probably are that type of person!)

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3 ways to make more money as a private investigator.

This week I share three ways to make more money as a private investigator and even a bonus thing I wasn’t planning on sharing!

I have to admit, I don’t know why my clients have a problem they know I can solve and they’re talking about me, but they still don’t call me! And you’re clients are the same way with you!

I have no idea why that is, but I’ve found the cure for it…
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How to charge for your services as a private investigator.

I generally charge the same rate to all of my clients, however… there are some exceptions.

For example, a human resources department that uses me regularly for pre-employment screening does get a discounted rate. This is because I get repeat business from these clients without having to spend marketing dollars to pick up this extra work plus, (and this is huge—>) I don’t have to re-educate the client on how it works hiring a P.I. or on what kind of results to expect!
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