Do Private Investigators wear disguises?

In this week’s video I share something that’s a little embarrassing. I do sometimes wear a disguise when I work as a private investigator or when serving process.

Why is that a little embarrassing to admit? Because most private detectives and process servers don’t do it and might think it’s a little silly… until they see my results!

Would you wear a disguise to solve a case? The key is knowing how to use this “tool” before you need to go into the real world and use it on a surveillance or pretext!

Learn these skills with The Investigator’s Ultimate Guide Series.

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Larry Kaye,
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Increase your P.I. skills for free by volunteering for extra work.

If you work anywhere in (or near) the investigative world, volunteering for a little extra work to learn a new skill is very valuable.

This applies to ANY work related to this industry including security, process serving, court work, investigations, loss prevention and fraud investigations!

No matter what industry you work in (even fast food!), volunteer for the extra work that relates to investigative work. For example: In fast food you may have procedures in case your restaurant is robbed. Volunteer to be the person who makes sure the witness statement forms are ready to go and that you have pens for the witnesses and victims to write with.

Maybe your company has “crime prevention” quarterly training. Volunteer to be the one to coordinate that with the local police department.

Let me know if you have a question you’d like me to answer in one of my weekly videos.

Committed to you success as a Private Investigator,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

3 Dumb Things Every Private Investigator Believes.

Do you believe these 3 dumb things every private investigator believes?

1. If I only had more gears (toys?) then I could take more cases and make more money.

2. If the economy was better then I could make more money.

3. If my town was bigger / smaller then I could make more money.

When you watch this video you’ll see what an experienced private investigator has to say about those things. It’s worth learning now rather than kicking yourself later for having believed these things and wasted your time and money.

Committed to you success as a private investigator,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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Shortcuts for searching public records revealed by a private investigator.

Public records are the life blood of many investigations, skip traces and background checks. (Obviously pretexting is another strong skill that can make or break a private detective.)

So being able to quickly sift through the “noise” of information you uncover and go quickly to the data you need for your particular case is helpful.

With training and experience you will learn which records to look at first to most expeditiously get the information you (and your client!) need.

This week’s private investigator’s advice will help you to use public records more efficiently.

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Larry Kaye, P.I.