Private Investigator Says to Collect “I Don’t Knows” During an Interview or Interrogation.

This is something nobody seems to be teaching about interviews with suspects, victims and witnesses.

When the person you’re interviewing answers a question by saying, “I don’t know.” be sure to record that answer.

When doing statement analysis later or simply reviewing testimony, you or another investigator may find the subject’s reply to be very useful!

During the interview when the subject says, “I don’t know.” it may seem like a dead end to you, but sometimes the subject will change his or her story/statement later and you will have documented evidence of the original story!

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Should you carry pepper spray with you as a Private Investigator?

If you’re thinking about using a chemical spray for personal protection or self defense as a private investigator or process server, then this is a video for you. Today I discuss less than lethal use of force.

But here’s a huge tip for you…

If you do carry pepper spray, be sure to buy TWO canisters and TRAIN with one of them! You don’t want to be fumbling around with your spray when you need to use it. You want to be proficient with it.

Update with new resource: You may want to check out a good video by private investigator Andrew. He’s smart and trustworthy and you can check out his video on private investigator weapons right here.

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Larry Kaye, P.I.

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Are verbal contracts binding and what a private investigator can do about it.

Verbal contracts are binding and in this case study I share with you a time when I had to help a client and her attorney when there was a dispute about a verbal contract with a manufacturing facility.

I ended up wearing a wire and going in undercover. I collected all the evidence necessary to give my client a solid win!

It’s a shame I had to protect her from a scam and rip off in the first place, but hopefully you can learn a private detective trick or two from this video.

Before you try these things, make sure your client is okay with you making a covert recording!

Committed to your success as a Private Investigator,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator