The one question you can never answer as a Private Investigator.

In this Tuesday’s video I teach the one question you can never answer for your
client no matter how hard you work a case.

The question is, “Why?”

Why do cheaters cheat? Why is he cheating? Why do men cheat? Why do thieves steal,
even from family and friends? Why?

Between you and me (as Investigators)… I can tell you the answer comes down to
plain ‘ol selfishness and this video explains that in a little more detail.

And here’s the behind the scenes info…

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I can’t wait to share more details with you. Check back soon!

When physically detaining someone.

Today I want to give you a very practical tip.

When making and apprehension (or arrest or whatever you want to call it when you take a bad guy into custody), you will routinely hear certain objections from the person you’re detaining. One of the most common things they say when you are physically restraining them is, “I can’t breath”.

Especially if you’re a Loss Prevention Officer or a cop, you know what I mean. So…

In this Tuesday’s video I teach how I handle the objection, “I can’t breath!”.

Please remember, this is not legal or medical advise.

I do teach you about a “tell” some shoplifters have during an apprehension and how to handle “tells” in general for your maximum benefit.

But here is the behind the scenes info…

In this video, I’m driving to the studio to review my latest video training course and it’s my favorite one to date because…

In it I teach the fastest, easiest way to start working professionally in the investigative world!

If you’ve followed me for a while, you know I have a strong Loss Prevention background. That lead me down the road that eventually allowed me to get my Private Investigator’s License. But…

If I had to do it over again, and I was challenged to begin working tomorrow, this new training course shows you exactly how I would do it and more importantly, how YOU can do it!

Bookmark this site and check back often to keep up to date on this amazing training resource!

I hope to release it around Valentines Day and it really is a must have for anyone trying to break into the investigative world!

I can’t wait to share the details with you. Check back soon!

Mixed Martial Arts and Private Investigators.

New video posted every Tuesday!

You may know some of the advantages of practicing martial arts, but I want to talk about somethings you may not have thought about.

For example, when you’re making an arrest or apprehension (or any kind of detention), you’re more interested in locks and holds rather than kicking and striking moves.

I also teach my rule of thumb for dealing with someone when you have the initiative to determine whether or not to make it a physical confrontation. My rule is this:

Just figure that your opponent knows everything you know… plus one more move.

Of course the bad guys don’t always give you the choice as to whether these things turn physical or not. If they make a move you gotta’ protect yourself and others.

I also teach why Rambo and Jason Bourne (The Bourne Identity) have such freedom in whom they choose to fight.