The Worst P.I. Tip I Ever Got.

This is the worst private investigation tip I ever got.

I’m sharing it because you need to know it. However… DO NOT use it as an excuse to do less than your best!

An old Private Investigator I knew years ago taught it to me and I’m going to pass it along to you.

What happens if you go out to interview a witness (or suspect) and they refuse to talk to you?

I use to worry about that and spent a lot of time preparing before interviews. Of course that taught me a ton about getting people to talk, but I was always concerned about the “what if” of someone who wouldn’t be cooperative.

So… this tip alleviated my stress, but I’m glad I didn’t learn it earlier in my career!

Leave me a reply with the worst Private Detective tip you ever got.

What do you call the bad guys? (And why it matters!)

How should you refer to these guys (and gals) in your report? How about when you’re discussing them with other investigators?

Mutts, mooks, dirtballs, scum bags, criminals, hustlers, cheaters, thieves, knuckle heads, targets, suspects. These are a few of the many terms investigators, cops and all the good guys use to name the bad guys.

I mean, you gotta’ call them something right?

I doesn’t really matter to them what you call them. A junkie looking for a fix doesn’t care about you at all. He just want’s a fix.

So why does it matter?

In this video I explain why this makes a big difference and discuss the three most common names used in a professional investigator’s report.

So what do YOU call them? Let me know in the comments.

How early should you arrive to do a surveillance?

My rule of thumb is you should show up and be in position at least 30 minutes before you think anything is going to happen.

So, if you’re case involves a cheating husband who gets off work at 5:00pm, then I would say you want to be in position and ready to film the guy no later than 4:30pm.

That’ means if you’ve done your recon and know where you want to set up your stake-out, then you should probably plan to arrive by 4:20pm to park, conceal yourself and get the camera ready so you can be ready (or actually even recording) by 4:30pm.

In this video I give a real life example of a case I worked where this mentality paid off big time.

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Are You a Sheep Dog?

What is a Sheep Dog?

Basically the theory is that about 98% of the general population is sheep. Docile, kind, ignorant to the evil in the world.

Then 1 to 2% of the world are wolves. They are predators who prey on the sheep. The wolves are out there lurking, hunting, waiting for the chance to attack in one way or another.

Then there is the slim 1% of the population who are Sheep Dogs. We are the ones who understand the wolves. We know their tactics. We see the same weaknesses and vulnerabilities the wolves see, but… we don’t act on them.

We protect the sheep. We are the Sheep Dogs.

As a professional Private Investigator you get paid for your skills and expertise in this area. Not a bod deal since this is what we love to do anyway!

UPDATE: August 9, 2016

Here I am almost three years after the original post and I read something that really adds significantly to the image of us as sheepdogs.

It comes from the excellent book The Better Part. I highly recommend it. I don’t make a dime from the sale of this book. I do not know the author. I simply have found it to be an outstanding aid to contemplation and prayer along with my daily Bible reading.

Here is the bit I read that deserves serious contemplation…

The sheepdogs work for The Shepard.