The Big Lie.

Well… Okay.  One of the big lies.  But this one drives me crazy!

There is no such thing as a national criminal records check.  Not a good one anyway.

What do I mean by “a good one”?  Simply this…

If you ran one of these for a client and they thought, “Cool this guy’s got no criminal history.” then it’s a bad check.  The currently available nationwide criminal records checks are so full of holes and miss so much you simply can’t say the guy is clean.

If something comes up, then you’ve got a good starting point for a more through records check.  So maybe you fell backwards into a break in your case, but that’s not what most clients want when they pay for one of these checks.

And unless you know exactly what you’re getting and why you want to run the check, you can be lured into spending money on something that, at best doesn’t help, and at worst gives you a false sense of security.

Check out the video.

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Is It Possible For a Private Investigator To Give a Guarantee?

This video teaches how to guarantee your work as a Private Detective.

If you take this advice, you’ll find this P.I. tip will win you more business because it “reverses the risk” for your potential clients.

The professionals I know in this industry are top notch, but as in every field, there are some bad apples. I hate it, but I’ve been around long enough to know that’s just the way it is.

My approach is to educate any potential client so they can make a wise decision about who to hire and then reassure them by offering them a guarantee (which no one else does!). That means a potential client is more likely to choose me to work their case.

After they choose me, I set out to make sure they get exactly the information they need. Everybody wins!

Model what I’m doing, get more cases, help more people and make more money!