2 “Insider” tips on chasing bad guys on foot.

If you’re chasing a bad guy, especially at night, and you lose track of him between houses or whatever, try this…

The trick is to listen for barking dogs in the neighborhood.

Barking dogs may indicate where the suspect ran.

But here’s the really inside tips:

If you don’t hear dogs barking, consider that your bad guy is either…

1) hiding out nearby or

2) maybe he’s doubled back to his car and is driving away!

Stay safe,
Larry Kaye,
Private Investigator

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2 thoughts on “2 “Insider” tips on chasing bad guys on foot.

  1. can you tell me the best way to catch a cheating girlfreind……is tapping into phone a good way…..is that a serious crime….

    • Yes, tapping someone’s phone is a serious crime. My advice to you is to hire a professional investigator. A licensed P.I. can find the answer for you legally.

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