1 messed up marketing idea that actually works!

If you want the marketing for your private detective agency or process server business to jump to the next level, then I can teach you one counter intuitive (messed-up!) idea that will make your direct mail advertising / marketing far more effective.

Most prospective clients you send a letter to will not read most of the letter! (Think about it. Do you?!?)

However, there are three parts to a marketing letter that a huge 80% of people will read!

That means if you include just this one part that you are probably leaving out, you will make sure your message is actually getting READ by the person you want to work for! That means more cases for you and that means more money!

Here are the three parts…

1. The headline of your letter.

Not the first line, but the actual headline you use even before the salutation!

For example, check out this blog post’s title, “1 messed up marketing idea that actually works!”

2. Your signature.

People read the signature to quickly see who the letter is from.

3. The P.S. (Post Script) at the bottom of the letter!

HUGE TIP: Even though you may think it’s “unprofessional” to include a P.S. at the end of a “business” letter… people read it!

TACTICAL IDEAS: So use the P.S. to restate the biggest benefit to your potential client, state your guarantee, quote a testimonial, convey urgency, repeat your “call to action” or whatever (pick just one), but use the P.S. since it is very likely to be read even when the rest you your letter won’t be!

Let me know if you have any questions.

Committed to your success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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P.P.S – The video I reference is the one on P.I. Marketing with Direct Mail.

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