1 Embarrassing Body Armor Mistake and What It Can Cost You!

If you wear body armor regularly as a security guard or police officer, then you’re used to how it feels on you, but if you only wear it occasionally as a private investigator, process server or fugitive recovery agent, then this week’s video and blog article is for you.

First of all… Terminology:

When speaking with people outside our industry, the proper term used by us professionals is “body armor”. When speaking with a fellow insider you can simply say “vest”.

Never call it a “bulletproof vest”. Never.

Everyone who really does this stuff knows there is no such thing as a “bullet-proof”. Period.

Okay, so here’s the mistake you need to avoid…

When you wear a vest, you will not feel the seat belt across your chest when you’re in a car.

Without a vest on you aren’t conscious of feeling the seat belt, but your body feels it and silently reminds your brain to take it off when you get ready to jump out of the car to serve process of go up to someone quickly.

However, when you’re wearing body armor, your chest literally does not feel the seat belt on you at all and your brain is not getting the normal, subconscious signal to remove the belt before you get out. So what happens is, you’ve been sitting in your car waiting for your subject to show up and you have your seat belt on in case you have to drive off in a hurry. But when your subject appears and you go to hop out of your car to approach him (to server process or whatever), you forget to take off the seat belt.

When that happens you get one foot part-way out of the car, you lean forward to the exit the vehicle and you are instantly stopped and it essentially yanks you like a dog being surprised at reaching the end of his chain!

You are instantly stopped. You make noise and there’s a chance your subject sees you floundering and he runs.

The mistake is embarrassing (no real big deal there), but it can actually cost you the apprehension of your fugitive or the successful serve you’ve been working so hard to accomplish!

Are there any body armor tips you ant to share? Drop them in the comments below!

Committed to your safety and success,
Larry Kaye, P.I.

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Disclaimer: You know there’s no such thing as a “bullet-proof vest”, right? Any vest or protection can be breached by the right caliber round at the right distance and at the right velocity. Source: Science.

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